Sok dee Laos

While we were sad to leave Laos on Tuesday, we were equally as excited about our final destination – Thailand!


Good start to the day – Laotian coffee, fruit salad, salt crepe with cheese and ham, and Laotian baguette (papaya, dill, coriander, chilli)

Laos has been a cool destination and whilst perhaps not as set up for tourists as Vietnam or Thailand (probably a good thing as it feels less touristy), the food is good, there is lots to see and the people are generally pretty friendly. One thing we will remember about Laos is the constant music. Everywhere we went we heard Laotian tunes that were generally a mixture of panpipe-esque songs with a backbeat (much better than it sounds), weird 70s rock / funk and accordion. Mouldy loved it! In leaving Laos, we opted for the easy option and booked a flight with Laos Airlines from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand which allowed us to:

  • Avoid a potentially quite uncomfortable two-day bus/ boat journey
  • Get free 30-day visas on entry so we wouldn’t have to get an extension in Thailand
  • Save some time, which is becoming a precious commodity as we only have a few weeks left of our travels

So on Tuesday morning, after a quick breakfast at our guesthouse, we were picked up by a tuk-tuk which took us to the brand spanking new Luang Prabang Airport and three hours later we were in sunny and warm Chiang Mai!


Our first afternoon in the city was very quiet as we caught up on emails and continued to recover from our trek. I might have indulged in a pedicure and facial too. After a dinner of spicy Northern Thailand specialties, we strolled through Chiang Mai’s night market and had a drink at a bar with a live Thai band doing great covers of Guns’n Roses. Mouldy is delighted as he feels like he has found a new hot and cheap version of Japan.


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07/01/2014 Asia