On the 28th, we headed out of Koh Phra Thong early to catch our afternoon plane from Phuket to Bangkok.

Getting to the boat

Getting to the boat

The journey back involved an array of transport modes – a side car motorcycle ride across the island, a boat transfer through

31/01/2014 Asia

We had always said that we would spend our last couple of days of the trip on a quiet beach in Thailand and when we started researching our options, the northern island of Koh Phra Thong in the Andaman Sea, seemed like the perfect option.

Colourful Thai bus

Colourful Thai bus

So on the 23rd, after a lie-in and small breakfast, we got a transfer to the small town of

28/01/2014 Asia

For the last few days (20th – 22nd), we have been on board the Manta Queen II and our lives have basically consisted of diving, eating, sleeping and more diving. You can read the dive captain’s blog on this link, and below is our summary of these few days.


On the 20th in the morning, we awoke at 6:30am, after quite a restless night of sleep as we had to cross over to the island of Koh Bon through choppy seas. Koh Bon is a small

22/01/2014 Asia

Tonight (19th) we are headed for some underwater adventures but before our evening pick-up we had a full day to enjoy the delights of Khao Lak.


We started off our day with a

19/01/2014 Asia

This morning we woke up earlier than usual and headed to the Sea Dragon Dive Centre for our scuba diving ‘refresher’.


We haven’t done any diving for around two and a bit years so it was fun (and necessary) to

18/01/2014 Asia

As our trip nears its end we are taking advantage of sleeping in a bit and today was no exception. We found a great Thai restaurant called Keeper for brunch / lunch, which included Thai omelette, spicy salads and a green curry.


We then booked a scuba refresher dive for tomorrow (early start) and tried on our gear, following which we

17/01/2014 Asia

Today we we flew to Pukhet with Nok Air, one of Thailand’s low cost carriers. We spent just enough time in Pukhet to admire the signage of what we would be “missing out on” as we waited to pick up our bags before jumping onto another car transfer to our final stop for the day Khao Lak.


We got to the small beachside town around 1pm and our first order of business was to

16/01/2014 Asia

Today, we started out with another late breakfast before taking the boat to our first stop of the day, Wat Traimit, the home of the Golden Buddha.


Bridge shutdown by protestors

Taking the boat was once again a pleasure as we got to avoid crazy Bangkok traffic and

15/01/2014 Asia

We have just two days to see Bangkok (the rest is for some last minute shopping), and whilst we know that we’ll only be scratching the surface, yesterday we did manage to cover a lot of ground.


After a leisurely breakfast at our new, favourite build-a-salad place, catching up on news/ emails and watching the

14/01/2014 Asia

The next day, we got to enjoy another breakfast with a view before getting back on the road to Chiang Mai.

Packed up and ready to go

Packed up and ready to go

I suggested we take a different route back home which ended up

13/01/2014 Asia

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